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7/11 Pizza

Pizza Stop #7:
Multiple Locations

We have been searching for that perfect slice. The one that was likely a recipe passed down by someone’s grandma in Italy. The one where you take that first bite and are immediately hit with the fresh taste of San Marzano tomatoes, fresh herbs and spices and the perfect ratio of mozzarella that will leave your mouth salivating at the thought of it..

Unfortunately, this pizza is not it. This is just a regular boring slice from 7/11 which tastes very similar to Little Caesars, though somehow with less flavor. The slice you would likely never crave in your lifetime.

However, I must admit, for $1 a slice it definitely gets the job done for a quick pizza fix. As I’ve mentioned before, I am by no means a pizza snob. If I am craving pizza, just about anything will get the job done!

On another note, if 7/11 sold their pizza as a frozen pizza in grocery stores I’m sure it would sell incredibly well. For store bought pizza this isn’t very good, but when put in comparison to most of the subpar frozen pizza options out there.. this one would be very good in comparison! I mean, they seem to take it out the freezer and flash bake it at store so its not like they’ll need to create a new recipe or anything either!

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7/11 Pizza

Overall this is exactly what you would expect from a 7/11 pizza. Not very good, but edible.
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