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Little Caesars: Crazy Calzony

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Little Caesars
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I initially planned to review another place but despite saying they we’re open on google, I got there and it was closed with the windows covered up. So, either they closed down or were working on a top secret recipe in there. I’m not entirely sure.

So… with nothing else nearby, I just decided to head home. I passed a Little Caesars and happened to see their ad for a “Crazy Calzony” and I was intrigued. I figured why not and picked one up. I didn’t have my pizza bag as I was only planning to get a slice but I ended up using my pro balancing skills and rode home with the box in one hand.

Let’s be honest, cheap pizza has a place in everyone’s lives. When you don’t feel like cooking nor do you feel like spending money on a quality pizza, places like Little Caesars will do the trick. Throwing a party with tons of picky kids to feed? Bam. Little Caesars. $25 and you can feed 20+ kids.

Little Caesars pizza isn’t bad. Okay well.. it is pretty bad but for a quick pizza fix it’s edible. My son is obsessed with their crazy bread so l buy it every now and then. They get a cheese and I typically order the meatlovers and while it’s not great, it’s better than the single ingredient sausage or pepperoni offerings.

Now, onto this thing. On the box it saids “#HowTheHeckDoYouEatThisThing” and it’s almost like they’re admitting the stupid shape and creation this thing actually is. It’s definitely no calzone. It’s more like cheese bread sticks with a little bit of pizza in the middle. Calzones are typically filled with gobs of awesome gooey cheese that just makes a great meal… but this? Just Awful. The cheesy parts are just a big bite of slimy low-quality cheese. This cheese works on a traditional slice, but in thicker amounts like this you really do taste the garbage quality a lot more. The pizza part in the middle is probably the size of about 2 slices if not less. For the $9 I paid, it was definitely not worth it. Feed this to the Ninja Turtles and you would probably catch a beating. I’m not even sure the rodent that is Master Splinter would eat this either.

  • Actual Regular Little Caesars Pizza Rating: 3.5/10

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Little Caesars: Crazy Calzony

if you end up at Little Caesars, avoid this sorry excuse for a calzone and just stick to the regular pizza!
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