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Michael Anthony’s

Pizza Stop #22:
Michael Anthony’s
6434 Ogden Ave
Berwyn, IL

This is another place in my area I’ve been meaning to try for a while but never got around to it. It was 8pm and I was looking to try somewhere new, but close for convenience so Michael Anthony’s it was.

Coming inside, it has the typical dive bar kind of look but they had no issues in the service department. The woman at the bar was attentive, kind, and served me as good as any other pizzeria would. I mention this specifically because another bar / pizzeria I recently reviewed failed horribly in this department. Clearly it’s not that hard to run a bar and pizzeria combined and still convey as a respectable business. There was also a larger dining area inside, but it appeared to be closed off still.

Here I ordered a Large Pepperoni and Sausage which I think was a great value at about $20 even.

Upon taking my first bite, the great tasting sweet sauce definitely stood out the most. So much so that the corner pieces which were mostly crust and sauce were still highly enjoyable. Sauce aside, the sausage also had plenty of flavor. The cheese and pepperoni weren’t too flavorful but still good enough not to ruin the pizza. Lastly while the crust was pretty thin, it was properly made and cooked so that every slice held up perfectly fine.

One thing I wasn’t a fan of was how they cut the slices into small garlic bread like strips. I get it for a bar setup, but if I’m eating it normally at home, I would prefer not to pick at tiny slices all day. None the less, while this is a minor drawback, it does not affect the score as it can be easily fixed by requesting a larger cut next time.

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Michael Anthony’s

Michael Anthony's is definitely another solid option to try when in Berwyn! It's not a dine-in kind of place for me, but for pick up or delivery along with being well priced, I can definitely see this joining my regular pizza rotation!
Good Pizza!
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    my dad used to buy pizza here all the time. good stuff

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    We haven’t been here in a long time. We used to be regulars when they had Buzztime trivia. It might be time for a visit after reading this review and bringing back good pizza memories.


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