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Panda Pizza

Pizza Stop #21:
Panda Pizza
7211 W 63rd St
Summit, IL

Do you like Chinese food? …How about pizza? Have you ever thought to yourself “it sure would be awesome if someone combined the two!” …Well fear not! “Panda Pizza” has done it with their Asian-fusion pizza! …or well.. tried at least.

I’ve never heard of this place before but ever since I started looking up pizzerias and doing these reviews, my Facebook feed is now packed with pizza related ads and this just happened to be one of them. On first look I couldn’t help but laugh at the bizarreness of it, but as I started to browse their website, I became intrigued and wondered what these creations tasted like. I like Chinese food and I like pizza so how bad could it be? Even if it was bad, I just knew I had to cover it for the page. So, I told my wife about it and set sail to find out what the love child of Panda Express and Pizza Hut was all about.

Right off the bat this place was headed down a bad direction. As we walked in, it immediately went silent and everyone kind of stared at us as if we were interrupting their conversation. There were 2 young adults about 18 years old sitting by the cashier and I couldn’t tell if they were employees or just friends hanging out. I say that because this place has no sort of uniforms or dress code. To paint the picture a little better, the 2 employees working behind the counter were wearing hoodies, joggers, and baggy camo pants to give you an idea.

Here comes the best part! We order and everything seems fine, but after a period of 1-2minutes of silence, the girl sitting near the counter storms out followed by the guy right behind her. He comes back shortly after and starts cursing about how he couldn’t catch her but can’t let her go. The girl employee behind the counter gets mad and proceeds to curse saying this girl is words that rhyme with a witch and dumbgrass. This goes on for a bit until the girl finally comes back a few minutes later. This is when some more cursing happens including “do you want me to smack the s***t outta you? Sit your dumbgrass down already!”. Mind you this is all said aloud while we are standing 5 feet away from the counter waiting for our food.

This place definitely takes the cake for worst service and employee etiquette I’ve experience yet. I came for pizza, but got a backstage pass to an episode of MTV’s Teen Mom instead. While this was all happening, an old Asian guy who I assume was the owner came out from the back and went outside to talk on his phone. Unfazed, the employees didn’t snap to acting polite and just remained acting as they were, cursing and all. Clearly there is no sort of management here and I think they could all use a few days working at Chick-Fil-A to learn a little something about service.

Onto the reason we came here! I ordered the Orange Chicken pizza and my wife got the Black Pepper Chicken pizza.

This one was a bit confusing to process because though it looks somewhat like pizza, it actually tastes nothing like one. Its taste was more similar to a flatbread in my opinion. If they incorporated traditional red sauce and put toppings on top of that, then it probably could’ve made a better “Asian-fusion pizza”. As it stands, I feel like the pizza shape was more of a gimmick than an actual thought out recipe.

The crust was on par with frozen pizza. The black pepper chicken tasted pretty much like they went over and bought it from Panda Express. The Orange Chicken pieces were tiny and flavorless. Due to the orange sauce being so sweet, it almost tasted like a desert pizza. Speaking of which, the orange sauce had a sticky texture so this did not make a good experience eating the slices by hand. I basically ended up feeling like a kid eating candy with sticky hands the entire time.

I’m not sure if the owners and his family went and left themselves good reviews, but they are well reviewed on Google which is what intrigued me to try them in the first place. My wife said she liked the food so it might actually be good for some people, but it definitely wasn’t for me. In my opinion it was a barely edible gimmick and not something I’ll ever be back for. In fact, after a few slices I just gave up and made myself a hotdog.

  • Since this does not qualify or pass as pizza to me, as food in general I would give it a 3.5/10

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Panda Pizza

If you’re interested in learning how NOT to run a business, this place would make perfect research. Otherwise, definitely skip this experimental pizza abomination and pick up a slice at 7/11 instead.
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