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Pizza with the Riverside Chess Club!

Are you a chess player? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn but don’t know where to start? If so, head on over and check out Riverside Chess Club!

The guy who runs it reached out to me about a month ago and wanted to collaborate and do a pizza / pizza review day for the chess players. Initially the plan was to have everyone pitch in and get a pizza that way. However after some thought, I decided to just purchase and donate the pizza myself. It was only 10-15 people so in the end it was easier and well.. why not?

I purchased the pizza from Al’s Pizza in North Riverside, IL. A “football pizza” was enough for everyone to get quite a few slices and also pretty well priced.

Player’s at this chess club range from kids to adults and skills ranging from beginners to well-seasoned players. Personally, I have no idea how to play Chess. People over the years have tried to teach me, but their explanations were usually all over the place and hard to understand. Perhaps I’ll take the time to sit down and learn someday, but until then I’ll stick to Uno and my board game collection.

I did my own review on the pizza while I was there, but also took down scores from everyone and while most scores were close to what I gave it, some were much higher or lower. That’s the beauty of pizza and food in general. One person’s favorite is another person’s trash and vice versa. Good thing there’s 100s of solid options in the Chicagoland area!

Though I have notes, I don’t have the full review written yet so that will likely be up late next week. They just sent over these photos to me, so I just wanted to make this post to share coverage and give them out a shout out.

So, if you are interested in learning Chess or upping your skills, head on over to Riverside Chess Club for more info! This is a free event that meets every Wednesday at Guthrie Park in North Riverside, IL.

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