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Rocky’s Pizza

Pizza Stop #17:
Rocky’s Pizza
10421 W Cermak Rd.
Westchester, IL

For this review I had a page follower (Christopher Valadez) join me as a guest reviewer. Like myself, he also shares a passion for bikes and pizza so he made great company on the trip. He runs a Non-Profit Organization called Cycle Brookfield who basically focus on promoting bike safety and awareness. So… if you live in the area, definitely check their page out for more info.

This was definitely an interesting trip. While biking it out we got caught in a heavy downpour and took cover under a pavilion right off the bike path to wait it out. There happened to be a family throwing a kid’s birthday party so the guy came over to chat and offered us tacos. Unfortunately, we had to politely decline as we were already headed to review pizza. It’s always great to meet a kind stranger though and experiences like this are one of the reasons why I love biking over traveling in a isolated box on 4 wheels.

A great thing about Rocky’s is they’re about one block off the Salt Creek bike trail. So for those of you that bike in the area, this place would make for a great pit stop.

Rocky’s was a small mom and pop kind of pizzeria. A few tables for indoor dining and a kind staff. My guest reviewer was a vegetarian so he got Cheese and Onions while I got Pepperoni and Sausage. This pizza may not look as photogenic as others, but I promise you the beauty is in the bite for this one. Nice flavorful sausage and just a good pizza.

What I love about pizza is they’re all so similar, yet so different. Something as simple as a different cheese or sausage supplier can make or break a pizza. For Rocky’s, the star of the show was definitely the cheese. Just awesome flavor and a solid cheesy consistency that’ll give you some of the best cheese pulls. They lay it on with a good portion but also not so much that it becomes an overwhelming amount (looking at you Beggar’s Pizza).

Do you remember that scene in the movie “Ratatouille” where the critic takes a bite and gets a flashback of his mom’s cooking? That’s what happened to me here, except it was for the kind of pizza my dad used to get delivered when I was a child. Nothing too out there, but just the right flavors to make what I would consider a traditional Chicago pizza. (Well.. at least for those that grew up in my area)

  • Guest Reviewer Score: 8.2

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Rocky’s Pizza

If you are looking for some fancy 5 star pizza that'll knock your socks off with flavor, this place would not be it.. but for a great thin crust pizza that'll leave you happy and satisfied, I definitely recommend Rocky's!
Good Pizza!
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    I was in the area and finally tried them last week. not the best ever, but good stuff!


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