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Good & Gather Signature: Wood-Fired (Frozen)

Frozen Fridays #4:
Good & Gather Signature: Wood-Fired Crust Pepperoni Pizza

I saw this while shopping at Target and I was intrigued. Since it is their Good & Gather “Signature” brand, I assumed it had to be higher quality than their typical store brand food. I also never saw a “wood fired crust” frozen pizza so I had to try it.

First Impressions it had a lot of pepperoni but looked like very little sauce. Out the oven the crust rised a little and the pizza smelled great. It didn’t resemble a fresh pizza by any means, but looked like no other frozen pizza I’ve tried before thanks to its unique crust.

The crust tasted great for a frozen pizza. Soft but a nice crisp at the bottom that I’ve never had on frozen pizza before. Zero flop, but also not thin and crunchy like Jack’s would be. Pepperoni tasted like most frozen pizza pepperonis taste with kind of a low-quality unsatisfying taste to them. Cheese was good but the sauce was extremely bland.

The crust itself was a nice innovation in the frozen pizza space but unfortunately the rest of the pizza did not hit the mark. I mean I definitely still ate it as it wasn’t bad by any means, but it was still just the typical store brand pizza. If it’s on sale it might be worth a try, but for the $6.99 I paid for it, it definitely was not worth it.

Frozen rating: 4.8/10

EDIT: After eating it, it left a bad lingering aftertaste and I regret having it now. Knocking this score way down. You’re better off buying a $1 Totino’s Party Pizza instead.

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Good & Gather Signature: Wood-Fired (Frozen)

Garbage. Unless you are a masochist who enjoys self-torture through low quality pizza or want to give it to an enemy, Don't buy it!
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