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Pizza Stop #32:

Every Mall, IL

I have found the perfect pizza and have therefore decided to end my pizza tour. Thank you all for following and its been fun. Sbarro Pizza.. 10/10.


Sbarro pizza.. where do I even start with this one?

I remember being a foolish, no taste bud having child and actually being HAPPY to get a slice of Sbarro after seeing a movie or spending a day at the mall. I’m sure future me was likely looking at me in shame as I devoured that sad excuse for a pizza. 

Fast forward many years and well.. I obviously see Sbarro for what it is by now. I know people like to say “theres no such thing as bad pizza”, but unfortunately that just isn’t true. There’s not many pizzas I won’t eat and while I admittingly still finished this slice, there was very little enjoyment while doing so. Honestly a plain ham sandwich probably would’ve been more satisfying.

There is absolutely no flavor in this slice. It’s a combination of the most bland ingredients and toppings. I would even put 7/11 pizza above this one as far as flavors and eatability goes. Shoot.. White bread slices made into “pizza bread” will even be more satisfying to eat.

One thing I’ve now wondered.. why is Sbarro the only pizza ever available at malls? We’ve had a few solid restaurants create mall locations and offer decent to good food. Meanwhile, I’ve never seen any other pizza available at a mall beside Sbarro. Do they own the monopoly on Food Court Mall pizza? 

Another thing I wonder is.. do any of you as adults actually LIKE Sbarro? As in you’ve said to yourself at some point “man, I could really go for a slice of Sbarro right now”. 

If so, I would secondly ask.. are you a self torturing masochist? Did you face some sort of childhood trauma that only Sbarro can comfort? Do you hate yourself?

I apologize if you do like Sbarro and I have in any way offended you, but I can not think of any reason why anyone in their right minds would waste their hard earned money on the flavorless slop that is Sbarro.

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If you haven’t had Sbarro and are for some reason considering it, head on over to our frozen pizza reviews and you’ll likely be a lot happier with one of those options!
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    It has been eons since I was in a mall… or eaten at Sbarro. What I find interesting is the pitch that Sbarro is somehow New York pizza. I’m not a fan of New York slices, but what you got there ain’t even close to a New York slice. Looks like something out of a freezer case. I’m amazed that angry New Yorkers haven’t burned the places down.


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