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Duncan & Dada’s

Pizza Stop #37:

Duncan & Dada’s BBQ
10159 W Cermak Rd
Westchester, IL

One thing I have enjoyed about starting this journey is it’s allowed me to not only try a lot of new pizzerias, but also interact and converse with some of the great minds and owners that make these pizzas I love. Some might get excited to meet a celebrity, but I’m more honored to share these conversations with the people responsible for blessing us with these great pizzas. 

Today’s review came in an unusual way, but one I enjoyed helping with. Bill, the owner over at “Duncan & Dada’s BBQ” reached out to me and told me they just started selling pizza and wanted my honest opinion on what I thought of it. 

Duncan & Dada’s BBQ is a BBQ restaurant that is located inside Eden Lane’s bowling alley in Westchester. Its a small restaurant tucked at the side once you first step in. It looks like a carry out only place, but there are tables to eat at the bowling alley’s bar area. Alternatively, The food can also be ordered and eaten while you bowl as well.

Honestly I did not have have much expectations for this pizza. A guy who’s new at making pizzas.. being sold at a BBQ restaurant.. in a bowling alley. Yep, this sounded like a recipe for a disaster. Given that idea in mind I told the owner if it was good, I’d turn it into a review. If it was bad, I’d simply give him my feedback and leave it at that. 

Here I ordered a 16” pizza with Sausage, Pepperoni & Green Peppers. This would run $16 + cost of toppings which isn’t bad.

First impressions was this pizza was A LOT better than I expected it to be. The cheese was very flavorful as well as the sauce and pepperoni. The sausage on the other hand tasted a bit plain and the crust had some issues. The crust was thin and tasty in some parts, but thicker and more dense in others which kind of threw off the pizza and flavor profile. Lastly, the cheese and toppings were not laid to the rim leaving a few inches of only sauce. As a customer, I hate getting a pizza like this cause while you’re paying for a 16” pizza, you only end up with like a 14” and the remainder being only sauce and crust.

While not the best, it was definitely still a good pizza I scored a 7.8. Prior to writing my review, I sent a message to the owner and told him my thoughts and issues I thought the pizza had. He took the criticism well and told me to hold off on the review so he can work on those issues and improve what he is serving.

Fast forward about 2 weeks and he shoots me a message that he thinks he worked out the kinks.

Pizza 2 and the same great flavors are there. Even better, my previous concerns were indeed improved! The cheese and toppings were now properly laid to the edge. He switched up the sausage recipe and made it into a much tastier fennel sausage. You know a sausage is good when you can pick it off the pizza and still really enjoy it. While not the best sausage I’ve had, it was miles ahead of what it was before and better than what a lot of these pizzerias are serving up.

The crust was even and consistent now. Almost tavern style thin but properly crisp and able to support every slice with no issues. 

I never would have thought I’d be rating a pizza sold at a bowling alley so high, but this was a very nice and welcomed surprise. 

While here, I also picked a Pulled Pork Sandwich for my wife, an order of fries and a side of Mac & Cheese. All of these items were also good and flavorful with my favorite being the fresh cut and seasoned fries. 

While their food and pizza might be great, I can see how they have an uphill battle compared to most other places. When I think bowling alley food, my assumptions are either low quality, frozen, or “just okay” food. I spoke to the owner and he agreed to offer a coupon to even further sway you all to giving his pizza a try. Simply mention “Tour De Pizza” when ordering to receive $2 off any medium or large pizza! (Offer valid till Nov. 24th)

Our Summary

Duncan & Dada’s

Duncan & Dada’s serves up a great pizza that can easily go head to head with any of the older and well known pizzerias in the city. You would not expect to find a pizza this good from a bowling alley BBQ restaurant, but this is a definitely a one I recommend!
Great Pizza!
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