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Palermo’s of 63rd

Pizza Stop #38:

Palermo’s of 63rd
3751 W 63rd St
Chicago, IL

Todays review is of a place that many refer to as one of the best pizzas in the city. It’s been recommended by not only many of my followers, but also other people I know that are just as pizza crazy as I am. There are two “Palermo’s” in the city, but this one I went to on 63rd is the one everyone saids is best. There’s another Palermo’s on 95th and though they claim no affiliation these days, research shows it was definitely a expansion back when it opened in the 70s. Similar to “Vito & Nicks” and “Vito & Nicks II”, these things can get a little confusing when the same name is still used even though they aren’t affiliated. 

I’ve anticipated trying this place for a while but did my best to keep my expectations at bay. I’ve tried a lot of places where people say “its the best!” only to be let down and end up with mediocre or sometimes even bad pizza.

Coming inside, this pizzeria looks more like a banquet hall than it does a pizza place. The decor looks like its likely been that way for several years, but this is usually the case with good old school pizzerias across the city. 

I did not dine in, but the women at the carry out counter seemed very kind. Not the “customer service” kind of kind, but like someone who is just genuinely happy to their job. This is always a welcomed addition and these local family owned establishments is typically the only places you’ll find it. Sure the service is Lou Malnati’s is good, but your not going to get that friends of family like service you’ll do at these smaller places.

Here I ordered a 16” Pepperoni and Sausage thin crust which came out to about $31. A little on the higher side, but also about average for most places these days. 

Well.. I’m happy to say the hype was definitely real on this one as this was one great pizza! The cheese and sausage were very flavorful but what they are most known for was the star of the show.. the sauce! 

If you hate sweet sauce, then I assure you 100% you will hate this place. However, if you are a fan of sweet sauce like I am, then this place is going to have you smiling with every bite. The sauce is very flavorful and right at the limit of becoming too sweet. It’s almost like they kept adding sugar until it was too sweet and dialed back a few spoons and left it where it was just right. A little sweeter and this could’ve ended up tasting like a desert pizza but thankfully they have it down pat.

The pizza was a little heavy on the sauce, but since that’s the star of the pizza, it actually worked out well and made it even better.

Despite ordering a large, this pizza was devoured by me and my family. I was full but even though my stomach said no more, I still found my hands reaching for a few more slices. I definitely I regretted it later, but unfortunately I have very little will power when it comes to great pizza.

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Palermo’s of 63rd

Palermo’s definitely serves up a a great pizza and deserves their reputation of being one of the best in the city. If you live anywhere near Chicago or are even visiting from out of state, Palermo’s on 63rd is definitely a must try! I assure you their sauce will have you saying hallelujah and praising Jesus after every bite, even if you aren't religious!
Great Pizza!
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    I love this place. Definitely in my top five in Chicago. I do prefer this location over the 95th Street location only because of the causal “kitch” factor.


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