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Casciani’s Pizzeria

Pizza Stop #40:

Casciani’s Pizzeria
9200 Joliet Rd.
Hodgkins, IL

I have passed this place a million times as I frequently go to the shopping plaza with Walmart and Target next door to it. However, after 6+ years of living in this area I have not tried it till now. I think part of the reason is it kind of looks like the regular hamburger / fast food joint that also happens to sell pizza as well. When this happens, its usually some really subpar pizza that is only good for a quick slice. 

However, since starting this project I’ve had a few people recommend this place and say it was good stuff so here we are finally giving It a go.

The inside looked like the typical fast food joint but I had no issues at all. Clean with prompt and good service.

Here I ordered a medium Sausage and Pepperoni that was priced about average at $19.

First impression for this pizza was a visual one. It had these XL pepperonis that were unusual and not something I had seen on a pizza before.  Fortunately these pepperonis were also very delicious and ended up being my favorite part of the pizza. 

I honestly did not have high expectations for this one but overall this was a solid pizza. The crust was tavern style thin but had good structure and taste. The cheese and sausage were also pretty good.

Unfortunately the sauce on this pizza tasted bland with little going for it. It pretty much just tasted like plain tomato sauce to me which is not something I want on a pizza.

While the cheese was good and flavorful, I felt like they put too little as there just wasn’t enough of it. The slices they had on display actually looked more cheesy so I’m not sure what happened with my pizza. With the very orange appearance of my pizza  you can see how the sauce kind of bled through the cheese. 

Our Summary

Casciani’s Pizzeria

While there were some issues, Casciani's still serves up a good and flavorful pizza. Had there been a better sauce and more cheese, this easily would've landed in the high 8s but It unfortunately fell a bit short. None the less, If you are in the area, I definitely recommend giving Casciani’s a go! Though we should've have to, you will likely get a better pizza if you ordered extra cheese as well.
Good Pizza!
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