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Salerno’s Pizza (Lyons, IL)

Pizza Stop #41:

Salerno’s Pizza
8005 Ogden Ave
Lyons, IL

For today’s review we have Salerno’s in Lyons, IL. I actually reviewed this place a few months ago, however I had only gotten a slice that time so I decided to circle back around and give them a proper go.

Here I ordered a large Sausage and Pepperoni thin crust that was priced about average at about $22. 

First impressions this was a solid pizza and tasted much better than their slices (even when they were fresh.) The cheese was great and very flavorful along with a good tasting seasoned sauce. While not the best I’ve had, the sausage and pepperoni were also good with no complaints. 

My wife and kids also all liked the pizza which is a rare occurrence so no leftovers with this one! My 8yr old son only likes eating the bread and sauce most of the time so this was heavenly for him as it was A LOT of bread which brings me to my only complaint.

One thing very odd about this “Thin Crust” pizza is it was no where near being a thin crust. This was the thickest thin crust pizza I’ve ever come across. I’ve had a lot of double dough pizzas before and this was more like triple dough. The thickness of the crust resembled more of a pan pizza. This Is generally how they sell their slices so maybe there was a mix up in the dough prep? I’m honestly not sure but I find it hard to believe that this was their standard thin crust offering. If it IS the standard way, then they definitely need to call it something else and not “Thin Crust”

None the less, it was a good and solid pizza. The dough was pretty good still, but the downside being I got full much quicker off tons of bread than actual pizza. I’ll definitely be ordering again but requesting they do extra thin and maybe that’ll be closer to a regular thin crust.

Our Summary

Salerno’s Pizza (Lyons, IL)

Overall, I definitely recommend Salerno’s Pizza in Lyons, IL. With good flavor in everything it was a very enjoyable pizza. If you have not tried it before, the best time to do so would be Mondays as this is when they have 50% off all full sized pizzas. Lastly, definitely order it extra thin if you can!
Great Pizza!
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    It’s not thin crust. It never was thin crust. Salerno’s original pizza a debued in Berwyn has always been a thick pizza. In my opinion, and I’ve been eating them since 1968, they are the #1 pizza in metro Chicago and have been for years. Lou Malnatis is their peer, but very different. My favorite thin is Ledo’s.

    When done right, their crust is magical. There is no crust like it. And while some people want it cooked dry like bread, it is best by far somewhat underdone. That’s the way it’s meant to be. And their cheese is the best anywhere.

    Yes, I’m a huge fan.


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