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Falco’s Pizza

Pizza Stop #44:

Falco’s Pizza
5651 W. Cermak
Cicero, IL

In for today’s review, we have Falco’s Pizza located in Cicero, IL. I used to live close to this place for a few years but never had their full pizza. I used to stop in for either a slice or a calzone, both which I remember were good.

Like many others, this is a small no frills pizzeria. Pretty small inside but they have 2 booths if you wanted to dine in as well.

Here I ordered a Large Pepperoni & Sausage which was priced about average at $24.50 total.

Out the box it looked like a solid pizza. I noticed it had a twisted crust in some areas, but odd pointy bits of crust in other areas. Its like they started twisting and then said screw it and just left the rest half way through. However, It could be an octagon pizza for all I care.. as long as it’s properly cooked and tastes good, thats okay with me! A irregular shaped pizza is usually a good indicator that it was made from scratch as well.

On the box it reads “Our Specialty is Pizza”, which honestly is a bit of an odd slogan to have. This is is like Jimbo’s Laundromat saying “Our specialty is laundry”. With being a pizzeria, I would sure hope your speciality was pizza! However, after tasting it, I would revise their slogan to “Pizza is (sort of) our specialty”

Onto the pizza! As expected from its appearance, this was a pretty solid pizza. The crust had a texture and flavor that was very similar to Home Run Inn. The cheese, sauce, and pepperoni all tasted good. Sausage on the other hand was a bit over seasoned and kind of dominated the pizza in a not so good way. A few slices in I ended up picking most of them off and that made for a much more enjoyful pizza. If I order here again, it’ll definitely be pepperoni only.

None the less, this was still a very enjoyable pizza and among one of the better ones I’ve had lately. Honestly, until I started this journey, I did not realize how much bad and sub par is out there so its always great to get one that is worth the money spent!

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Falco’s Pizza

If you have happen to be in the Cicero, IL area, I definitely recommend giving Falco’s Pizza a go! It might not be the best pizza you’ll ever have, but its definitely a solid option in the area.
Good Pizza!
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