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Angelo’s Stuffed Pizza

Pizza Stop #45:

Angelo’s Stuffed Pizza
4850 S Pulaski Rd
Chicago, IL

In for today’s review we have “Angelo’s Stuffed Pizza” in Chicago, IL.

I’ve been following these guys on instagram, drooling over the various photos and videos of their stuffed pizza for some time now. I was excited to try this place as beside Giordano’s and a few others in the city, there isn’t many places that do stuffed pizza as their primary offering / specialty. As of now, Nancy’s remains to be the best stuffed pizza I’ve had so I was interested to see how this would compare. I’ve had a few other stuffed pizzas throughout the years but most are usually just okay and nothing to really get excited about

As I previously mentioned, in my opinion it’s harder to pull off a good deep dish or stuffed pizza than it is a thin crust. A little too much or too little of something and it’s easy to throw off the ratio and have it no longer tasting like pizza.

Here I ordered a large sausage and pepperoni that was about $32 total. Not the cheapest pizza, but about in line with what Giordano’s costs. I had this one delivered so I can’t comment on service or the interior, but based off photos it looks like a nice no frills pizzeria with a lot of seating inside to dine in. It’s also pretty well reviewed on google so I don’t suspect there will be any issues with service. 

First impressions this pizza was a good one. The cheese tasted better than what Giordano’s uses. Sausage had a good flavor as well as the pepperoni. The sauce however  threw it off for me. It had a bit of sweetness that did not blend with the pizza well. I’m usually a big fan of sweet sauce on thin crust, but for this stuffed one, it really didn’t work too well. This aside, this was still a pretty good pizza. Better than Giordano’s, but unfortunately not quite as good as Nancy’s. 

I can’t see myself ordering a $32 pizza often, but like Giordano’s, its a good treat to have every now and then when you are in the mood for it. Given it’s a stuffed pizza, it’s also a LOT of pizza. Even being really hungry, I could not eat more than a slice and a half and already feel stuffed (no pun intended). 

I will likely return someday soon to try their “Birria stuffed” pizza which sounds like an interesting one to try. They get the Birria meat fresh everyday from the Birria restaurant next door, so it sounds like a promising creation.

Our Summary

Angelo’s Stuffed Pizza

While Angelo’s was not my favorite stuffed pizza, it was still a pretty good one that I would rank above Giordano’s. If you are in the area or are looking to try a new stuffed pizza, I definitely recommend giving Angelo’s a shot!
Good Pizza!
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